Sayyid Qutb describes the “American Islam”, that aims to undermine the project of Islamic empowerment by deliberately infecting key segments of the native population with a twisted, “reactionary” version of Islam, by saying:

“The Islam that America and it’s allies desire in the Middle East does not resist colonialism and tyranny, but rather resist communism only. They do not want Islam to govern and cannot abide it to rule, because when Islam governs it will raise a different breed of humans and will teach people that it is their duty to develop their power and expel the colonialists.

American Islam is consulted on the issues of birth control, the entry of women into parliament, and on matters that impair ritual ablutions. However it is not consulted on the matter of our social and economic affairs and fiscal system, nor is it consulted on political and national affairs and our connections with colonialism.”

– Dirasat Islamia, Page 119-120