Samory Toure, Emperor of the Wassoulou empire

Imam Samore Lafiya Toure, (1830 – 1900) was a Guinean Muslim cleric, and the founder and leader of the Wassoulou Empire, a powerful Islamic empire that was in present-day south-eastern Guinea.

Toure resisted French colonial rule in West Africa from 1882 until his capture in 1898. He is considered a powerful example of resistance to French colonial forces and known for his building collaboration among diverse groups, as well as his war strategies. He was devoted to establishing a strong and independent empire, educating the people, and fighting the French colonism.

After defeating the French army in many battles, Toure was captured on 29th of September 1898 by the French captain Henri Gouraud, and was exiled to Gabon. He died in captivity on June 2, 1900, following a bout of pneumonia.