Quran – 8:17

One arrow killed 300 men!

Uthmaan bin Abee ‘Aatikah said:

The enemy threw petrol (bombs) against the people (the Muslims). So Mu’aawiyyah said ‘If they are doing this, then retaliate in the same way’. So both parties started hurling petrol (bombs) at each other. At sea, one Roman soldier prepared to throw a pot full of petrol against the ship of Aboo al-Ghaadiyyah, but Aboo al-Ghaadiyyah sent an arrow flying and killed the man on the spot causing him to fall with the pot of petrol consequently setting his own ship ablaze. Thus the fire devoured the entire ship and all its crew, they were 300 in number. After that incident people used to say, the arrow of Aboo al-Ghaadiyyah killed 300 men.

– Taken from Siyar ‘Alaam an-Nubalaa by Imaam ath-Thahabee