Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi

Dear Brother, who dwells in these prisons To you I write with distresses,

If to Allah you hold fast Then what harm will a misfortune of time do to you?

Strengthen yourself by remembering the Deity, Most Supreme, And hasten in memorizing the Manifest Book,

That is for your heart a secure stronghold
And this is for your spirit an assisting provision,

These are hardships, soon they will all cease And remaining from it will be various fruits and benefits,

And even if they insult you, and they torture you And if they beat you, submit not,

You are not the first to be tortured For a Mighty Religion and a Manifest Legislation,

Nor are you alone on this Path For there are countless caravans throughout the years,

And if an ‘Eid passes by, and a son is born And months rotate, while you are imprisoned,

Do not grieve O Brother of the Righteous Ones Of departing from family and losing children,

And if they forbid you from their visits
And likewise their letters never appear,
So if this is for a Lord and Religion
Then where is the patience, where is the certainty!?

For the Pleasure of a Lord and assisting the religion, Life and all children become insignificant,

For the Pleasure of a Lord, Mighty and Generous The prisons come perfumed, and the bitter come sweet…

– Written by Abū Muhammad Al-Maqdisī, General Intelligence Prison Facility, Jordan – Cell No. 63 ‘Eid Al-Adh’hā 1414 H