Muhammed Rahim


Muhammad Rahim, a 51-year-old man, who has been detained at Guantanamo Bay for almost ten years without charge, is the last prisoner in the CIA’s torture programme.

Rahim’s “interrogations” comprised of brutal methods which included attention grasps, facial holds, abdominal slaps, and dietary manipulation – euphemisms for hanging, starving, beating and crushing of organs. He also suffered eight extensive sleep deprivation sessions – where he was shackled in a standing position, wearing virtually nothing, in one session for as long as 138.5 hours.

Yet the torture of Muhammad Rahim produced no intelligence and led the CIA to review and end it’s “enhanced interrogation” program.

Despite his treatment at the hands of the CIA, Muhammad Rahim seems to have kept unique traits of character. Former military lawyer Lieutenant Commander Kevin Bogucki said of him:

“Muhammad Rahim is one of the most intelligent and personable men I have ever met. He is genuinely friendly and has a rare sense of humour that keeps me smiling throughout our meetings. In fact, I am consistently impressed by Muhammad Rahim’s ability to maintain a positive attitude in such a hostile and uncomfortable environment. It is a testament to his faith and his strength of character.”