Nasser al Bahri

A Journalist asked Nasser al Bahri (Ex Body guard of Usama bin Laden) that: “Can you explain why you can’t sleep at night?”

He replied:

“I used to do something for a specific goal. Now I cannot sleep well. We lived with Sheikh Osama bin Laden for a time. And we felt that we were at the top of the mountains of Islam. We considered ourselves the front line among the Muslims, in reclaiming rights, eliminating injustice, and talking to others so they would know who we were. Then, Suddenly I left this life. The serious life, the manhood, the life of dignity and power, the life of pride, for a life of humiliation and weakness. You think about food and raising kids and so on.

Yet I start to think that despite having left, I am still threatened. I am scared for my kids; I could be kidnapped from the street at any moment. This makes me so confused. There is totally no security. This always makes me think that: Am I right now, or wrong? Was I right before, or wrong?

These questions are part of what is going on in my life. This is my personal situation regarding my safety. However, I also look at it in terms of Islamic law: Are my excuses for being here – raising the kids, the wife, finding a job, etc. These are weak excuses, in terms of what is happening to Muslims, that America may sweep away the whole Islamic World. They said that they won’t leave anybody. That they would change the map. When I think about these statements, my thoughts race, and I can’t sleep”