Last Words of Umar Mukhtar

Ahmad Shawqi eulogized Umar Mukhtar by saying,

“They have planted your remains
in the sands like a flag
To motivate the people
morning and night
Oh, woe unto them, they have
raised a beacon of blood
To inspire tomorrow’s generation
with hate and dislike
A wound which screams
to the horizon, and a victim
Searching for the red freedom
O you unsheathed sword in the desert
Whose sharpness covers
the swords of the ages
You were given the choice,
as you chose to sleep in hunger
You neither sought power
nor gathered a fortune
Like the carcass of an eagle
or the remains of a lion
Left behind and scattered
by a dusty gale
The battles spared not
even an old bone of his
And the spears didn’t spare any blood”