“On my way to Room 24, accompanied by two men holding whips, I was deliberately taken past different places inside the prison such that I could see for myself the hideous things taking place there.

I silently watched as muslims were suspended in the air and their naked bodies ferociously flogged. Some were left to the mercy of savage dogs which tore at their bodies. Others, with their face to the wall awaited their turn.

One by one, these youth of Islam, shaikhs of Islam, were tortured, left standing with their face to the wall, and flogged ferociously. Some had blood running down their foreheads. Foreheads that did not bow to anyone except Allah. The light of Tawhid [monotheism] shone from their raised faces, proud to belong to the cause of Allah.

One of them shouted to me: ‘Mother! May Allah make you firm!’

‘Sons! It is a pledge of allegiance. Be patient Yasir’s family, your reward is Paradise.’ I replied.

The man with me struck me so hard on my head that I felt my eyes and ear turning as if hit by an electrical force. And the light from inside the prison made me aware of the many, many more tortured bodies filling the place.

‘[Let it be for the sake of Allah’
‘Let it be for the sake of Allah!’,] I braved’ ”

– The Return of the Pharoah
Zainab Al Ghazali