Sheikh Omar Abdulrahman was known for his integrity in Dawah. He was keen on applying his fatwas on himself and his own family members before calling others to it.

In 1987, Sheikh Omar strove out to the land of Afghanistan to perform Jihad and call people to Jihad from there. Despite being religiously excused in front of Allah, as he was a blind man, he wanted to “make his feet dirty” in the cause of Allah. He rode a tank, and asked the brothers to help him aim at a piece of wood. He wanted it to be written in his scale that he shot for the sake of Allah.

He then sent two of his sons, despite their young age, to fight in Afghanistan, Mohamed (15 years old – also known as “Asadullah”) who remained in Jihad for 18 years, and Ahmed (14 years old – also known as “Saifullah”) who remained in Jihad for 24 years until he was killed in a US drone strike in Afghanistan in 2012.

Shaykh Omar Abdurahman inspired people from all over the world to march forth in the path of Jihad and join the Islamic fighters in the fields. He set an example to others, as he went to Afghanistan, the Philipines, and Kashmir to unite the rows of Muslim fighters and to ignite the zeal of Jihad in their hearts.