Abu Layth al Libi with his son

Abu Yahya Libi narrates the following incident regarding Abu Layth al Libi:

“When Shaykh Abu Layth Libi initially entered the Libyan border, he was in his vehicle, the Libyan authorities stopped him, they started to question him about where he had come from, and he told them he had come from Syria. They asked him to step out of the vehicle and enter the police office on the border.

The area in which the policed station was located happened to be an entirely desert environment. The police continued to question him and he answered the questions successfully.

Meanwhile, the police officers had a film on in the background, it depicted an imprisoned man who was able to escape from his police interrogators, the Shaykh Abu Layth said to himself that this had to be a sign for him, he walked up to drink some water and filled himself completely, the police officers did not mind him much attention, as he was not classified as dangerous and worthy of a prison sentence. He was able to make his way out of the office; afterwards he walked past the guard post gate and just started to run in the desert. He ran the entire night and did not cease until daybreak. The Shaykh felt he could not proceed any longer due to his thirst and fatigue, therefore he fell down to the ground and fell asleep, he did not have a bed except the desert sand and a no cover except the sky above.

Abu Layth personally told me that during his sleep, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, came to him personally in a dream and offered him a jug of water. The Shaykh drank from this cold delicious water and when he got up; he still felt the taste of the water in his mouth. And he experienced this miraculous phenomenon a long time afterwards. Whenever he drank water afterwards, he would get that same taste back in his mouth. Then he got up with full energy and started to walk again. Shaykh Abu Layth later made his way to Sudan”