Ayman Al-Zawahri stands behind bars in an Egyptian court in 1982 during his trial as one of the masterminds behind the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in 1981.

Dr Ayman al Zawahiri says;

“The Muslim Ummah in general and the Jihad movement in particular must engage in the battle of rhetoric just as it engages in the battle of arms and ammunition; and the Jihad movement’s need for the battle of rhetoric is greater than the rest of the Ummah’s need for it, because the Jihad movement is most aware of where the danger and threat lies, since it is the one confronting the threat and dealing with it on a daily basis; and because it is most acquainted with the fierce and lowly nature of the enemy; and because it is the one most exposed to defamation and lies; and because it knows more than anyone else that the attack on it is meant to attack Islam and eradicate its Shari’ah; and because it is also the most frank in speaking the truth and openly proclaiming it, for it has paid for its freedom, frankness and boldness with migration, imprisonment, garrisoning, and fighting; separation from family, homeland, and wealth; and patience in combat and captivity”.