A significant number of ordinary Muslims felt a sense of victory that a blow had struck at America on September 11, 2001. A young Yemeni female journalist, Rahma Hugira, was interviewed on the US television network CBS shortly after 11 September, and said:

“I didn’t used to think that I could support violence. When I saw the World Trade center and the Pentagon burn, I cried, I fainted with joy. . If I have nothing else to offer, my last resort is to raise two or three children to become Sheikh Osama bin Laden’s. What we all see in Osama bin Laden is the man who was able to take our revenge, to wipe the tears that have been falling for a long time for our brethren in Palastene and Iraq. Through him divine justice was achieved when America was shaken on 11 September”

– Taken from Abdul Bari Atwan’s book, “The secret history of al Qaeda” (Pgs. 86-7)