“Wear nice and tidy clothes and be good citizens of Urumqi city…

Stand against/Oppose wearing ‘abnormal’ clothes.”

East Turkestan, known as the Xinjiang (meaning new territory in Chinese) Uighur Autonomous Region after its occupation in 1949 by China, is located northwest of China. It is home to approximately 25 million Uighur Muslims who have long been exposed to severe oppression and harassment from the Chinese government.

The Uighur people have long suffered from human rights abuses since the occupation of East Turkestan, as around 10 million people died because of the Chinese army’s oppression or famine.

The Chinese government has banned Muslim women from wearing the headscarf in public (since the women couldn’t wear the head scarf, they started wearing hats to cover their hair and this too the Chinese government banned), men from growing their beards and people other then the elderly aged ones from fasting in Ramadan. There has also been a ban on “unauthorized” pilgrimages to Mecca, on entries to mosques for people under 18 or workers, and on Muslim names such as, Mohammed and Mecca.

Many East Turkestan residents have to hand their passports to police and seek permission to travel abroad. In one part of East Turkestan, all vehicles have been ordered to install satellite tracking-devices.