Some question the reason behind the Islamic Fighter’s focus on striking Americans instead of making their main target the jews, who killed and displaced Muslims in Palastene.

Usama bin laden clarifies this matter, saying;

America and Israel are two sides of the same coin. So if you see your enemy protecting his right ear and fortifying it well, don’t waste your time trying to hit the right ear, cut off the left ear and he will die. The result is the same.

The Americans are spread all over the world, and they do not have a doctrine like the Jews, who want to stay in Palastine. They are backers of the jews.

After they were hit in Khobar (attack against American soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia in 1996), CNN came and interviewed the comrades of killed (soldiers), who were at the site of the incident. They were crying. The host asked the American soldier, “What do you want now?”. He said, “I want to go back to my country”. This is his wish. He has one foot here and one in his country.

Antarah was asked, “What do you do to make people fear you?” He answered, “I look at the faces of the people and go first for the one who looks weak and cut off his head first, because it’s easy. And when his blood is spilled, the strong ones get scared”.