Kashmir is one of the earliest Jihad battlegrounds in recent history of Muslims. But it is also one of the most unfortunate, as Pakistan has always had a dirty role suiting its national interests. Pakistan has exploited the Kashmiri Jihad and placed its puppets(Hurriyat and United Jihad Council) in place to remotely control the ‘Jihad’. Sincere local Mujahideen and Muhajireen put their blood and soul into the Jihad but without bearing any fruit. However this situation began to change as Mujahideen started to speak for themselves.

Burhan Wani lit the spark when in 2016 he called the Kashmir Jihad as a part of the struggle to re-establish Khilafah. After Burhan’s martyrdom, Zakir Musa became the commander of Hizbul Mujahideen. While pursuing his engineering, Musa joined Hizbul Mujahideen in the autumn of 2013.

In one of his first videos Zakir Musa warned the local police against taking on the Mujahideen. And followed it up with another one calling on youth to shun nationalism and take part in Ribaat.

On 12 May 2017, after Hurriyat said that Kashmir issue is a Non-Islamic issue, Zakir Musa released a video and reiterated that Jihad of Kashmir was only for implementation of Shariah.
A day later Zakir Musa dissociated himself from Hizbul Mujahideen after it’s overall chief and Pakistani puppet Syed Salahuddin condemned Zakir Musa.

A few days later Zakir released another Statement, reiterating his stand and thanking Al Qaeda for its support in the Nawai Afghan magazine. Pakistani puppets Hurriyat and their ilk launched a vicious tirade against Zakir Musa but failed to take away the peoples support for him. The Youth stood by him and flocked to his support as he began to put his words into action and unleashed a reign of terror on the local collaborators and security forces.

Kashmir Valley is witnessing a new Uprising – A new phase of Jihad having no ties with the Pakistani establishments and which calls for “Shariah or Shahadah”.