Jordan King Abdullah II, Saudi Prince Abdullah, George Bush, Egyptian President Mubarak, Bahrain King Hamad & Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt on June 3, 2003

Ibn al Jawzi related in his Muntazim that Sinaan bin Anas al Nakh’i attacked Husayn ibn Ali(رضي الله عنه‎) and stabbed him with a spear. Husayn fell, and Sinaan went down to him, slaughtered him and cut off his head. Sinaan returned until he stood before the tent of Amr bin Sa’ad and called out,

“Load my steed with silver and gold. For I have killed the mantled chief. I have killed the best of the people in parentage and the best of them in lineage.

Upon which Amr said, “O insane one! You dare to say such a thing?”

Sinaan bin Anas al Nakh’i killed al Husayn bin Ali while he knows who Husayn is, why he went out, and why his enemies fight him. His motive for killing Husayn was desire for wealth and booty, even if that led to the displeasure, curse and punishment of Allah. He stabbed Husayn with the intention of killing him, and he got what he wanted. So it was a full – fledged crime in which was found criminal intent born out of criminal motive, which was followed by the criminal act and then the criminal result.

And exactly the same are these charlatans and religion traders, they cooperated with the Crusader occupier before he reached Iraq and Afghanistan, intentionally, eagerly, and in search of the spoils and power, while they knew who this Crusader occupier is, what his goal is, and what his plans are for enslaving the Muslim Ummah, humiliating it and dividing it, and consolidating Israel and widening its occupation. Then they took part with the occupier in his crimes, supported him in his battles, fought the Mujahideen, and cursed them publicly to make him happy. And the result of their intent and act was achieved, with the killing and torture of thousands of Muslims and the defense of the crusader forces.

So this is also a full fledged crime.