Hafez Assad(left) with Habib Bourguiba

In the year 1955, the Tunisian Habib Bourguiba announced that if he gets to power he will be a secularist ruler and rule by secularism. The Muslim Tunisia, which was resisting the French colonialism, was furious!

The Islamic scholars rejected these statements and went to his house to protest them. At the door, the servant said to them: “My master Al Habib is making Wuduu”. The scholars were taken aback for a moment and thought! “He still prays!” Their hearts felt ease towards this man who prays.

Bourguiba joined them upon completing his prayer. And when they asked him about these statements he shouted at them refusing any accusations regarding his religion and beliefs. So the scholar’s worries were put to ease and they comforted the angry Tunisian people saying Bourguiba is still on the path.

A year later, Tunisia was liberated and Bourguiba came to power, only to accomplish what the French colonists couldn’t accomplish in 57 years of demolishing the Islamic identity and fighting the religion of Islam.

– Dr. Eyad Qunaibi