Leader of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Abdelmalek Droukdel says;

“I would like to affirm that al-Qaida Organization hasn’t posed and won’t pose a threat to Mali nor to neighboring states nor to Africans as France falsely claims, because the Mujahideen’s goal is clear: defending their religion and their Ummah’s interests by targeting the Zionist-Crusader coalition until it stops occupying Muslim countries and interfering in their affairs. As for neighboring states and the states of Africa, they are not our targets, except in self-defense.

That’s why the leaders of these states mustn’t let themselves be dragged into a war which isn’t theirs. They must learn from other’s mistakes. They must realize that France has its own interests at heart, not their interests. It wants them, their soldiers and their peoples to be fuel for a holocaust whose sparks will reach their capitals while the French people remain safe and secure and enjoy African resources in their bunker behind distant seas. This is why I advise these leaders not to fall into line behind Hollande (former President of France) if they truly have the interests of their countries and peoples at heart.”