Abdullah Azzam with Tameem al Adnani (second from the right) in Afghanistan

Abdullah Azzam narrates the death of Tameem al Adnani;

“He went to give a lecture in Orlando, Florida. His family accompanied him, including his wife and he became tired on his journey. His wife told him to sit down. He collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Four minutes later, he left this life.

After 24 hours, [his wife was saying to him] ‘You have conveyed to this Ummah, peace be upon you. Peace be upon you O Father of Yasir. Our next meeting will be in Jannah, by the will of Allah.’

While she was speaking to him, his right eye started to produce tears of blood. The blood continued to flow and she began to dry it. Brother Abu Tariq Tawfique al Hammad said to me; ‘I was standing by his side as she was drying the blood and I came forward to clean up the rest’. [and this] is 24 hours after his death.

He(Abu Tariq) said, ‘we prepared him for ghusl and khaffan according to Islamic rites. The owner of the place entered and he said; it seems as though you have used an exquisite perfume(which was spread in the whole place). They said to him that they did not use any perfume on him.”