“After the fall of the Ottomans, the concept of nation-states with boundaries democrated by the infidel occupiers started holding sway, and among Muslims arose some proponents of this notion. This is why the callers of the Islamic revival actively fought against this concept.

Hence you find Hassan al Banna, the Egyptian, organizing battalions for the liberation of Palastene, Izz ad Deen al Qassam, the Syrian, waging Jihad in Palastene, Abdullah Azzam, the Palastinian, awakening the Ummah to defend Afghanistan, and declaring the most unequivocally that Jihad has been a Fardh Ayn since the fall of Al Andalus (Muslim Spain).

Then emerged the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and we saw Afghans and Emigrants alike pledging allegiance to it.. Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab Suri – both Arabs- and Abu Muhammed – the Turkistani- pledging allegiance to Mullah Muhammed Umar, the Afghani.

So may Allah reward these pioneers, who revived the spirit of one united Ummah confronting a disbelieving enemy. But today there are some who may want to push us back behind the lines of division drawn by disbelieving occupiers… Pakistan for Pakistanis, Syria for Syrians, Palastene for Palastinians… in the interest of whom, may we ask?”

– Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri (“One Ummah, One war on Multiple fronts”; Brief Messages to a Victorious nation – Part 7)