Senior member of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Khalid Omar Batarfi says;

“The western regimes adopted a means of containing and burying the Arab revolutions or what is known as the ‘Arab Spring’.

This they did by firstly absorbing the rage of the peoples and turning against their agents during these revolutions.

Secondly, by allowing the weak Islamic intellectuals to take over the government as a temporary solution until the west prepared their plan, because the west knows the little threat of those intellectuals against them and their interests and that they are able to contain them. This is exactly what happened when they gave those parties the rule in some countries. Then turned against them.

Thirdly, after the threat to them from the results of the revolutions had subsided, they returned with their agents, the secularists, once more. We have seen and witnessed just that in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya”