On August 24, 2004 two Russian aircrafts were bombed during two domestic flights at around 23:00.

The Volga-AviaExpress Flight 1353 and the Siberia Airlines Flight 1047 blew up minutes apart and crashed killing all 90 passengers and crew members on board both flights.

Two days later a group which claimed to be associated with al-Qa’eda and calling itself the Islambuli Brigade claimed responsibility for the crashes and issued a statement on an Islamic website. “Russia’s slaughtering of Muslims is still continuing and will not end except with a bloody war,” the statement said.

On 28 August 2004, the FSB (Federal Security Service) had found traces of the explosive RDX in the remains of both planes.

The attack is believed to have been carried out by two Chechen women passengers, identified as Amanta Nagayeva and Satsita Dzhebirkhanova. Both their bodies were the only ones to remain unclaimed from both aircrafts. Djerbikhanova sat in seat 19F, nine rows from the tail, which is considered the most vulnerable part of the plane.

According to investigators, the two women bribed the ticket seller to sell tickets to the two women without getting proper IDs, and bribed the ticket-checking clerk to get on board without a proper ID.