Commander Shamil Basayev

A Mujahid must be both patient and swift at the same time.

Wise men say: “In accordance with the situation that you are in, concentrate or dissipate your energy.”

Every time the Prophet (peace be upon him) was setting out for a military march, he would
always make a secret of the time and direction in order to conceal the purpose of the march from the enemy.

There are two strategic mistakes: to hurry and to set out early than when the right moment comes, or linger and miss the moment. So, in order to avoid either one of these things, the Mujahid considers each case as the only one of its kind and never uses any common formulas and ready-to-use recipes.

Amr Ben Al-As said: “I have never got involved in a case without studying the ways of withdrawal beforehand. But once I would get involved, I would never rush to run away headlong.”

This is what a Chinese sage says about strategy:

“Make your enemy believe that he will not achieve much by attacking you, and thus you will weaken his militant ardor.”

“If you see that the odds are in the enemy’s favor, do not feel ashamed to leave the battlefield to him, for it is not the outcome of any individual battle that counts, but it is the final outcome of the war that matters.”

– “Book of Mujahideen” by Commander Shamil Basayev(Page 6-7).