Funeral of Burhan Wani during last Year July 8 in Kashmir
Burhan Wani (Left) With Zakir Musa
Burhan Wani sleeping somewhere in the forests of Kashmir

“On 8th july 2016, Shaheed Burhan bhai, Shaheed Parvez bhai and Shaheed Sartaj bhai fulfilled their covenant with their Lord and attained martyrdom in His path.

Today, the slogan of Shariyat or Shahadat (Islamic Divine Law or Martyrdom) & caliphate reverbrating in Kashmir is actually because of the mentorship and guidance of Shaheed Burhan bhai. He never strived for interests of any particular party or group, instead he always strived for the elevation of Islam and Muslims.

I remember even when he used to lay to sleep he would still be planning how best can we cause damage to the enemy and in difficult times he will watch the back of his companions.

Today, some people call Shaheed Burhan bhai a rebel, some call him a freedom fighter and even some miserable people compare him to Baghat Singh, while certain other people in pursuance of their petty interests play politics over his name and they are the same people who used to call him ‘Indian agent’ when he was alive. But when they saw sea of mourners on roads on his martyrdom, they changed their colours like chameleon.

Truth is that Shaheed Burhan bhai was a soldier of Islam and he achieved martyrdom only for the reinforcement of Shariyat and establishment of Deen in Kashmir. Shaheed Burhan bhai infused new spirit & vigour into the & Jihad of Kashmir that was engulfed with darkness and had suffered setbacks. He reacquainted the people of Kashmir with the concept of Jihad and gave them a new way to follow.”

– Commander of Islamic fighters in Kashmir, Zakir Musa.