“There is no meaning to life when you see the Jews do all sorts of things to your brothers, women and children. We fast a day or two, and shout in the demonstrations until our throats are in tatters, then go back home as if we have averted harm from the children and lifted the blockade from Gaza and stopped the killing of the people of Palastene. No, demonstrations must be followed by explosions and civil disobedience by military anger, and we must cut aid to the Zionist Crusade and kill those of the Crusaders whom we find on our land, and destroy the Western interests until Europe and America stop their support of the Jews and stop the killing there and order their agents, the treasonous rulers, to open the crossings to Gaza and Palastene.

And the people must continue to apply pressure without pause until all of Palastene is conquered, and mustn’t be distracted by the imaginary solutions which stop the massacres today only for them to begin tomorrow stronger and deadlier and for us to sell the blood of today for the peace of tomorrow. The vendetta is great, so don’t abandon it. O Allah, conquer through us Bayt al Maqdis and the land of the two Sanctuaries. O Allah, establish through us the state of Islam and honour us with that”

– Abu Baseer Nasir al Wuhayshi , Former leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.