“Management of Savagery: The Most Critical Stage Through Which the Islamic Nation Will Pass” by Abu Bakr Naji

In one of the battles of Afghanistan in opposition to the Russians, the men gathered the women, the elderly, and the children in a mosque in order to minimize the damage of the bombing. Bombs fell upon the mosque and killed all those who were in it except for a little girl who remained in the lap of her grandmother whose head had been split open and its contents dangled down in front of her grand daughter.

One of the Arab mujahids began to calm the child who was raving out of fright. The mujahid was crying and one of the Afghanis said to him: “What is making you cry?” The Arab said to him: “Have you no feelings? They are your people and your relatives.” The Afghani said: “This is war, and you and I will die like them some day.”


– “Management of Savagery” by Abu bakr Naji (Islamist Strategist), Page 138.