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Imam Yahiya ibn Sharaf an-Nawawi

Imam An – Nawawi

Dhahir Baybars requested a fatwa from the scholars that money should be collected in order to prepare an army to fight the Tatars in 658 H. Every single scholar issued the fatwa except for An-Nawawi who said: “I will not provide you with such a fatwa”.

Dhahir asked: “Why not? I want to purchase arms for this struggle, and you refuse to issue a fatwa for it?. The entire Ummah and religion will be exposed to loss.” He replied: “Because you came to us as a slave who owned nothing, and i see that you now own gardens, servants, slave girls, silver and gold. So, if you sell all of these things and still need money after that, I will issue the fatwa you seek”

He said: “Leave Sham”. And he left and went to a small village in Nawa (his hometown). The scholars came to Dhahir Baybars and said to him; ” The scholars of Sham are nothing without Muhi ad Din An – Nawawi.” He replied “Bring him back.” They then went to An – Nawawi and said: “Come back, oh Muhi ad Din”.

An – Nawawi said: “By Allah, I will not go back while Dhahir is in it,” and Allah fulfilled his oath: Dhahir died a month later, and An – Nawawi returned to Sham.

The American Islam


Sayyid Qutb describes the “American Islam”, that aims to undermine the project of Islamic empowerment by deliberately infecting key segments of the native population with a twisted, “reactionary” version of Islam, by saying:

“The Islam that America and it’s allies desire in the Middle East does not resist colonialism and tyranny, but rather resist communism only. They do not want Islam to govern and cannot abide it to rule, because when Islam governs it will raise a different breed of humans and will teach people that it is their duty to develop their power and expel the colonialists.

American Islam is consulted on the issues of birth control, the entry of women into parliament, and on matters that impair ritual ablutions. However it is not consulted on the matter of our social and economic affairs and fiscal system, nor is it consulted on political and national affairs and our connections with colonialism.”

– Dirasat Islamia, Page 119-120

Caliphate and Zionism


Muslims had a Caliphate that defended them, and which, despite all its corruption and deviation, used everything at its disposal to confront the Crusader Zionist assault on the realms of Islam. Israel was setup when the Caliphate State was defeated in the first World War, that defeat which occurred because of the betrayal of the Caliphate State by the Sharif Husain and his sons, their throwing themselves at the feet of the British and their commendation of the spirit of ethnic nationalism alien to Islam, under the supervision, organization and observation of the British intelligence agent Lawrence of Arabia.

When the Caliphate State was defeated, the British occupied Palestine and the Levant with the help of Arab traitors; and the British occupation was the true beginning of the Zionist entity.

The Guard At Gitmo Who Became Muslim

Terry Holdbrooks (Mustafa Abdullah)

Terry Holdbrooks was deployed to Guantánamo Bay detention camp(GITMO) in June 2003 as a 19 year old American soldier. During his training, Holdbrooks was told: “The prisoners in Guantanamo are the worst of the worst. They are terrorists. They are not men, they are animals. They hate you. Do not feel any sympathy or compassion.”

Upon arriving in Guantanamo, Holdbrooks was fascinated by the high morale of the Muslim inmates. He observed the way they prayed to God in the most stressful times, the way they washed up for every prayer, the way they endured abuse and smiled despite being tortured severely and dehumanized.

When he asked the detainees why they were still hanging on to their faith even though they were probably in the worst situation, they responded, “It is only Allah testing our deen, testing our faith. We can endure this.”

Holdbrooks grew very curious about Islam and Muslims. He started seizing every opportunity to speak to the prisoners as they shifted from their cells to interrogation rooms or when bringing them food. On 29 December 2003, six months into his time at Guantánamo, Holdbrooks (Now, Mustafa Abdullah) finally embraced Islam and is currently an anti – Guantánamo activist.

Assassination Of Russian Ambassador

Mevlüt Mert Altıntas after assassinating the Russian Ambassador

Mevlüt Mert Altıntas, a Turkish police officer shot down the Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, at an art gallery in Turkish capital today.

Video shows Mevlüt shouting the following words after the assassination, prior to being killed by police forces:

“We are the ones who pledged allegience to Muhammad on Jihad.

Allahu Akbar! Dont Forget Aleppo! Dont forget Syria !

You will not taste security untill our countries are secure ! Get back! Only death can take me away from here! Whoever took part in this cruelty will pay the price, one by one”

They Did Not Come For Oil


Dr Akram al Hijazi, Member of general secretariat of Muslim intellectuals, elaborates the actual purpose of American force interventions in Arabian Peninsula;

“The main reason they came is to be against Islam, they did not come for oil. There was no oil at that time except in a very limited way, because that was the beginning of it’s discovery.

They came because Islam is the only force which could stop the tyranny of super powers. Also because, Islam is a force full of life, driven by a dawah; the last words of Allah on earth among human. We are demanded by this dawah to deliver the words of Allah to his creations. So they stood to challenge Islam with great effort”.

The Story Of Samarkand Court


The city of Samarkand(Present day Uzbekistan) was attacked and conquered surprisingly by Qutayba bin Muslim without providing the enemy the option to Accept Islam, Paying of Jizya or War.

The priests of Samarkand sent a messenger to caliph Umar bin Abdul Azeez complaining about this matter. Hearing this, Caliph sent an immediate message to the Muslim Judge in Samarkand to study the situation and settle the matter.

After consulting with Qutayba bin Muslim and the Priests of Samarkand, the Muslim judge issued the ruling;

“I rule that all armies of Muslims should get out of this country and give it back to its people and give them the opportunity to prepare for war, and then make them choose between Islam, tribute or war. If they chose war then we will fight. Muslims will get out of Samarkand without anything just as they entered and deliver the city to its people, and that is the application of the law of Almighty Allah and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him”.

Upon this, Muslims evacuated the city. The judge came out in front of the priests. The priests did not believe what they were witnessing. The people of Samarkand kept watching Muslims until they all left their city.

The young priest said, “What they did proves that their religion is the right. I witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger.” Now all the priests proclaimed the Testimony of Faith لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله and accepted Islam.

This is the story of the greatest Islamic court ruling in the history. It satisfied the people of Samarkand with the rule of Islam and, as a result, people entered Islam in hordes.

– Stories from the history, the story of Samarkand court by Sheikh Tantawi & Islam and international law by Sheikh Wahbeh al-Zuhili

The Greatest Job – Motherhood

In the western society women lack a great deal of value and respect.

By neglecting Motherhood, it has deprived women of her most basic and irreplacable role.

While Westerners violate the honour of women and degrade her chastity , Islam provides them dignity and respect allowing women to play a crucial role in transforming and upbringing new generations.

According to me, Motherhood is the greatest job ever existed in mankind.

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