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Strategies Of War


Understand: the greatest generals, the most creative strategists, stand out not because they have more knowledge but because they are able, when necessary, to drop their preconceived notions and focus on the present moment.

That is how creativity is sparked and opportunities are seized. Knowledge, experience and theory have limitations: no amount of thinking in advance can prepare you for the chaos of life, for the infinite possibilities of the moment.

The great philosopher of war Carl Von Clausewitz called this “friction”: the difference between our plans and what actually happens. The better we can adapt our thoughts to changing circumstances, the more realistic our responses to them will be. The more we lose ourselves in predigested theories and past experiences, the more inappropriate and delusional our response.

It can be valuable to analyse what went wrong in the past, but it is far more important to develop the capacity to think in the moment. In that way you will make fewer mistakes to analyse.

-“33 Strategies of War” by Robert Greene (Page 87-88).

From AQS Code Of Conduct


1. We avoid all such military operations that are beyond the understanding of common Muslims or repulse them away from the mujahideen. Regarding this issue we act on the Messenger’s صلى الله عليه وسلم strategy of not killing the hypocrites in order to avoid repulsing people from the call of Islam.

2. In general, we avoid fighting and offending all such people who do not take up arms against us, nor help those who do; and in principle, we focus all our attention towards the enemies of Shari’ah and the defenders of the system of infidelity, in-sha-Allah

3. We consider it absolutely wrong to cause blasts in public gatherings, including masjids, funerals, markets, and courtrooms, where there is a possibility of hurting common Muslims. We consider it a must to avoid even hitting permissible targets in such places, because such operations may hurt the Muslims masses, and thus make one deserving of Allah’s punishment. As such operations distort mujahideen’s call, they strengthen the system of infidelity instead of benefitting Islam.

4. We avoid targeting all non-fighters belonging to the enemy i.e. those who do not take part in the war, such as women and children.


– Taken from, Code of Conduct : Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (Section IV : Operations that must be avoided and related Guidelines.)


Being Patient And Swift At The Same Time

Commander Shamil Basayev

A Mujahid must be both patient and swift at the same time.

Wise men say: “In accordance with the situation that you are in, concentrate or dissipate your energy.”

Every time the Prophet (peace be upon him) was setting out for a military march, he would
always make a secret of the time and direction in order to conceal the purpose of the march from the enemy.

There are two strategic mistakes: to hurry and to set out early than when the right moment comes, or linger and miss the moment. So, in order to avoid either one of these things, the Mujahid considers each case as the only one of its kind and never uses any common formulas and ready-to-use recipes.

Amr Ben Al-As said: “I have never got involved in a case without studying the ways of withdrawal beforehand. But once I would get involved, I would never rush to run away headlong.”

This is what a Chinese sage says about strategy:

“Make your enemy believe that he will not achieve much by attacking you, and thus you will weaken his militant ardor.”

“If you see that the odds are in the enemy’s favor, do not feel ashamed to leave the battlefield to him, for it is not the outcome of any individual battle that counts, but it is the final outcome of the war that matters.”

– “Book of Mujahideen” by Commander Shamil Basayev(Page 6-7).

Burhan Mani

Funeral of Burhan Wani during last Year July 8 in Kashmir
Burhan Wani (Left) With Zakir Musa
Burhan Wani sleeping somewhere in the forests of Kashmir

“On 8th july 2016, Shaheed Burhan bhai, Shaheed Parvez bhai and Shaheed Sartaj bhai fulfilled their covenant with their Lord and attained martyrdom in His path.

Today, the slogan of Shariyat or Shahadat (Islamic Divine Law or Martyrdom) & caliphate reverbrating in Kashmir is actually because of the mentorship and guidance of Shaheed Burhan bhai. He never strived for interests of any particular party or group, instead he always strived for the elevation of Islam and Muslims.

I remember even when he used to lay to sleep he would still be planning how best can we cause damage to the enemy and in difficult times he will watch the back of his companions.

Today, some people call Shaheed Burhan bhai a rebel, some call him a freedom fighter and even some miserable people compare him to Baghat Singh, while certain other people in pursuance of their petty interests play politics over his name and they are the same people who used to call him ‘Indian agent’ when he was alive. But when they saw sea of mourners on roads on his martyrdom, they changed their colours like chameleon.

Truth is that Shaheed Burhan bhai was a soldier of Islam and he achieved martyrdom only for the reinforcement of Shariyat and establishment of Deen in Kashmir. Shaheed Burhan bhai infused new spirit & vigour into the & Jihad of Kashmir that was engulfed with darkness and had suffered setbacks. He reacquainted the people of Kashmir with the concept of Jihad and gave them a new way to follow.”

– Commander of Islamic fighters in Kashmir, Zakir Musa.

Because I Do It With A Little Ship Only


St. Augustine tells the story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great, who asked him ‘how he dares molest the sea.’ “How dare you molest the whole world?”

The Pirate replied: “Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you doing it with a great navy, are called an Emperor.”

– “Pirates and Emperors, Old and New – International Terrorism in the Real World” by Noam Chomsky.

From The History Of Islam – By Akbar Shah Najeebabadi


In 98 AH, a Roman commander named Alqaun came to Sulaiman ibn Abdul Malik’s court and induced him to conquer Constantinople. He sent his son Dawood and brother Maslama to Constantinople with an army and Maslama as the commander.

He laid a siege to the city. When the Islamic army reached the vicinity of the siege, Maslama asked each of his soldiers to take a handful of grain and deposit it near the army’s headquarters. When the grain was collected near the end of the siege, it was piled so high it looked like some hills. He had houses of clay and stone built for the soldiers and ordered them to cultivate the land and the fields ripened.

When a year had passed, the Romans sent secret messages to Alqaun the Roman commander and offered him half of the territory if he could get the Muslims to raise the siege. He agreed. Then he advised Maslama, “If you set your store of grains and fields on fire, the Romans will think that now the Muslims are going to launch a final and decisive attack. Out of fear they will probably hand over the city to you and without loss of life it will be easily captured,” Maslama believed his words and fell into his trap burning the store grains and all the grain fields.

If the siege had continued, there is little doubt that it would have resulted in a victorious conquest.

– The history of Islam by Akbar Shah Najeebabadi, Volume 2, Page 191.

The Shooting Down Of Volga-AviaExpress Flight 1353 And The Siberia Airlines Flight 1047


On August 24, 2004 two Russian aircrafts were bombed during two domestic flights at around 23:00.

The Volga-AviaExpress Flight 1353 and the Siberia Airlines Flight 1047 blew up minutes apart and crashed killing all 90 passengers and crew members on board both flights.

Two days later a group which claimed to be associated with al-Qa’eda and calling itself the Islambuli Brigade claimed responsibility for the crashes and issued a statement on an Islamic website. “Russia’s slaughtering of Muslims is still continuing and will not end except with a bloody war,” the statement said.

On 28 August 2004, the FSB (Federal Security Service) had found traces of the explosive RDX in the remains of both planes.

The attack is believed to have been carried out by two Chechen women passengers, identified as Amanta Nagayeva and Satsita Dzhebirkhanova. Both their bodies were the only ones to remain unclaimed from both aircrafts. Djerbikhanova sat in seat 19F, nine rows from the tail, which is considered the most vulnerable part of the plane.

According to investigators, the two women bribed the ticket seller to sell tickets to the two women without getting proper IDs, and bribed the ticket-checking clerk to get on board without a proper ID.

Al-Qaeda Is An Organization That…

Abu Muhammed al Jolani

During an interview with some journalists, the former leader of Al Nusra front (former Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria), Abu Muhammed Al Jolani, said;

“As for our association with al – Qaeda, al Qaeda is a Muslim organization that rose to defend the Muslims, supported their causes and sacrificed a lot of their blood. Al Qaeda was behind the failure of the war in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was behind the failure of the American occupation of Iraq. Al Qaeda is an organization that, along with others, restored honor and dignity to the Muslims.

I do not wish to belittle the efforts of others; however, over the past fifteen years al Qaeda led the Islamic Nation in its military operations and granted the Muslims a status that befits them”

Excerpt Of IEA Eid Message

Hibatullah Akhundzada, Leader of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban).

Americans should understand that continuation of war in Afghanistan, upsurge of bombardment, the killing of the miserable Afghans, the use of mother of bombs in order to scare their political rivals and to test new weapons, the creation of armed groups against Mujahideen under different names, their funding and publicity in order to defame and weaken the Jihadist resistance, incitement of ethnical, geographical and lingual conflicts among the Afghans or the stoking up of other seditions will never usher in success for them.

The Afghans are not a people to kowtow to someone. Don’t ignore our history! The last 16 years which you wasted on prolonging the meaningless war, accuring futile expenditures and tarnishing your military and political status can be sufficient enough for you. You lost a great number of your soldiers; martyred and handicapped the Afghans; destroyed their houses and other infrastructures and turned Afghanistan into virtual ruins. If you think that you may break our determination with your military presence and surge of troops, you are making a mistake!


-Message of Felicitation of Hibatullah Akhundzada (Leader of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan), on the Occasion of Eid-ul-fitr.

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